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 How to Compete

Competition at the Club level is highly encouraged as an integral part of growing as a wrestler. Winning and losing teaches us healthy pride, humility, and how to deal with difficult emotions and situations. Competitions are held year round, mostly, however, in Spring, Summer, and Fall, as Winter season is High School season. Most competitions will be held through one of two organizations, OCWA, and SCWAY. RMN Events also hosts larger tournaments at all levels througout the year. The schedule for each season will be emailed out and can also be found on instagram @ocwacalifornia and @socalscway. All sign up info can be found below.


How to Sign up

OCWA tournaments require an active USA Wrestling Athlete's Membership. This can be found here:


Once you have an active USA Wrestling Athlete's Membership, you can sign up for OCWA tournaments here:

SCWAY tournaments do not require a USA Wrestling Membership and can be signed up for here:

All wrestlers should sign up under their proper age, weight, and in the Folkstyle division, unless talked about in practice. Takedown division is also a fun option. Takedowns only, first to 5 takedowns wins, win by 2 takedowns.

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