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What class should I be in?

Youth class is open to all wrestlers age 7 and up. Advanced class is open to all high school wrestlers and older. If you are a new high school wrestler you will still be welcome in the advanced class. Contact us to join or for more info.

What are club dues and USA Wrestling Membership costs?

Club dues are the costs for the wrestling club. This covers our club charter, costs for the facility, supplies, coaches, and more. Because we are a USA Wrestling affiliated club, our insurance is directly connected to USA Wrestling. This requires each wrestler in the club to have an active USA Wrestling athlete's membership. This cost is separate from club dues. Athlete's membership can be attained through West Coast Wrestling Club or through

What are practices like?

Practices will generally follow the same format: Warmup consisting of dynamic stretches and fundamental body motions, drilling of basic techniques, new technique, live wrestling or situations.

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